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Live Escape Room Designs

Our Live Escape Rooms are developed by succesfull designers und offer you the chance to fascinate your customers with proven concepts. Our rooms offer high profitability and a fast return of investment!

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Why should I buy escape room designs?

Escape rooms are a growing market, not only in a few countries, but worldwide. In many cities around the globe live escape games opened up, often there is more than one room.

  • Buy escape room designs and start immediately

    Because of the growing market it is essential to start as soon as possible rather than working on a concept for months.

  • Less risk thanks to well tested escape room designs

    The risk in developing are obvious: Is my own concept good enough to fascinate my customers? How many riddles are needed to create an challenging but still solvable escape room experience?

  • Important quality: Working processes

    How do I organize a process, so that nothing can be circumvented, while still preventing boredom, because only one riddle can be solved at the same time?

If you ask yourself one of these questions, the purchase of one or more escape room designs is the right thing to do for you. Our rooms are developed by professional game designers with years of experience. The product created is consistent and will fascinate your customers.

„Time is money“ - a saying that applies and can be verified

Because of the low cost of an escape room design you only face a small risk, like you can see in the following calculation:

Escape Room Designs - a way to save time and money

You buy an escape room design for 2.000 $, which you receive right after receipt of payment. Afterwards you convert the concept from paper to reality, shape the room and buy the necessary materials and requisities. You can start your escape room after four to six weeks (or even faster!), instead of four months which you would need for designing and testing your own concept.

The result: You can earn money 10-12 weeks earlier with your new room. If you calculate to earn 5.000 $ per month with the room, you were able to save 9.000 $ compared against planning everything by yourself. The own labor costs that would occur aren't event included in this calculation!

  • Big time saver
  • Smaller labor costs
  • Faster return of investment

Our Live Escape Room Designs

The following Live Escape Room Designs are dimensioned for different group size and a playing time of 60 minutes. We would gladly councel you, which room is the right one for your needs!

Jewelry Heist

As a group of burglars your customers will be in search of a precious treasure und will find thrilling secrets!

Deadly Virus

A virus has broken out and it is your customers task to get the antidote from the professor's laboratory to save the world!

Save the City

Criminals are threatening the water supply of your town and your customers are the last hope to stop them!

Last Act of the Magician

The magician Abram Kadaver worked on a last spell to put humanity into an endless sleep. He has choosen a group of brave players to prove to him that mankind is better than he thougt. Courage, skill, bravery and team spirit will be tested in a room full of effects and surprises!

Legacy of the Pharao

Only once in 30 years the old pharaonic treasure chamber will open up. According to legends the valuable relict of Osiris is hidden inside of it. A lot of people tried to find their luck in the chambers in the last hundred years, but so far no one was successful!

Murder Case

The chief executive was found dead in his office and only one thing is clear: It was a murder! Forensics have checked the crime scene, but the perpetrator couldn't be convicted. According to a threatening letter, the murderer will kill his next victim in one hour. Time is running out!

Live Escape Room Designs by real experts

Our live escape room designs are created by successful designers and extensively tested to guaranty the best possible experience for your customers. Included in our offer are the following goods and services:

Elaborated story

Storyline and introduction text

Optimized gameplay

Gameplay and flow of play with reference times

Room plan and purchasing list

Suggestion for room layout and list of needed materials

Print ready files

Finished templates for ingame clues

Usable hints for game masters

Field-tested hints for your groups

Detailed explanations

All Codes, answers and riddle details included

buyable designs
played minutes

Our offers for you

Our live escape room designs offer a proven concept and also high profitability and a fast return of investment! Thanks to our included purchasing list the costs for investment costs will be low. As a general rule the more competiton you face, the better your product should be. With our option C we will deliver ideas for technically puzzles and probs. If your city only has a few or none other escape room, we would recommend option A!

When you buy an escape room design, the needed material and the construction is not included. Because of the high demand our construction team is not bookable in the foreseeable future.

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